Q : Are Arrive Alive Driving Academy & 5 Safe Points Driver Improvement approved by
The        Virginia Department Of Motor Vehicles ( VA DMV)?

A :   Yes ! Arrive Alive Driving Academy & 5 Safe Points Driver Improvement are both
VA               DMV Approved & AAA certified driver improvement clinics recognized by all
courts                throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Q: Who can take this course?

A: Anyone is eligible to take this course!  However, drivers who have a Commercial
Driver        License (CDL) must attend a CDL driver improvement course.


Q: Does Arrive Alive Driving Academy or 5 Safe Points Driver Improvement  offer
these               specialized Commercial Driver Improvement classes?

A: Yes!


Q: Can I take this course to earn driver improvement points?

A: Yes, you can take this course to earn points on your Virginia driving record.
Virginia              CDL holders must take a DMV approved Commercial driver improvement


Q: What is the course like?

A: The course consist of 8 hours of classroom instruction. Each segment features
videos,        Power Point Presentations & class discussions covering a different aspect of
driving            skills.

Q: Can I benefit from attending this course?

A: Licensed Virginia drivers  may earn up to five safety points on their Virginia
driving                 record. You will also meet the requirements of the VA DMV or Virginia
Courts if you                were instructed to attend a Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic.
Finally, check with your         insurance agent to see if you qualify for an insurance


Q: How often can I take the course?

A: You may take the course as many times as you wish. However you can only
receive               safety points every two years.

Q: Who should take this course?

A: Anyone wishing to become a better driver, satisfy a Virginia court-order, DMV-order
or         those seeking an Insurance Discount anyone seeking to add points to their
Virginia              DMV Driving record.


Q: How many negative points did I get on my driving record for my ticket violation ?

A: In Virginia there are 6, 4 & 3 point violations. Each violation stays on your record
for              specified amount of time.


Q: If I am under 18, do special rules apply to me?

A: Yes!


Q: What about the rules if I am over 18 ,are they any different?

A: Yes, different rules apply to you!


Q: What about online driver improvement, is that an option?

A: For some, but be careful, special rules apply!


Q: Do I have to wait for a certificate of completion?

A:  Upon successful completion of the end of course 20 question multiple choice test
and         attending a 8 full hours of class, you will be awarded a certificate of completion to
take          with you.

Q:  Why should I go to a Driver Improvement Clinic?

A: The Commonwealth of Virginia has a point system that rewards good drivers,
warns              bad drivers and takes the worst drivers off the road.  Each calendar year that
a driver            has no traffic violations, suspensions, revocations or convictions, one safe
driving                point is awarded, a maximum of five safe driving points can be
accumulated and                     banked. One safe driving point may eliminate one demerit
point on your driving record.       Another way to offset negative points or to obtain safe
driving points is to attend a                 Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Certified
Driver Improvement Program               Clinic. Up to five demerit points can be removed if
you satisfactorily complete a driver           improvement clinic . Another reason to attend a
driver improvement clinic is to become        a more responsible defensive driver, lower your
chances of being involved in a crash,          and lower the probability of getting a ticket.



FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions About Virginia Driver Improvement
Program Clinics